when life gives you lemons, making the best f*cking lemon bars ever!

that being said, the whole theme of this post is about adaptability and change.

change has always been something I’ve struggled with, and I think everyone does, but what I’ve learned from the first 25 years of living is that it’s not something productive to dwell on. also, being the youngest child in my entire extended family, adaptability was something I had to learn quick, and I’ve taken that with me in all aspects of my life.

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female food peeps unite!

as of late, I’ve decided to use this blog not only as a place to share gluten free content, but as a tool for me to process my thoughts and energy; to ultimately figure out the voice and journey I want to have in the world of food.

I used to think that no one would really want to read anything I had to say (and I still do!), but that also prevented me from ever writing anything, restricting the voice I had all along. the a-ha moment was when I realized that writing is something I have to do for me and nobody else.

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the bf turned husband...we're married!!!

whew! what a year it has been!

between working as a quasi-catering manager & event coordinator, planning basically 2 weddings of my own (we had a big fat chinese banquet too!), attending BOTH my sisters’ weddings, and moving out of toronto and into small town kitchener…2018 has been one for the books! I could not be more grateful for the family that we have and the friends who stick around to support us through it all.

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