the bf turned husband...we're married!!!

reid and jannell 1

a brisk september day kissed by the warmth of the sun,
a vegetable garden ceremony,
deep breaths for us all to be one.

with our people,
on this unimaginable little island,
giggling, grooving, and grazing.

the scavenger hunt,
the kombucha mojitos,
the cake with honeysuckle icing and peach jam.

the dinner on the barge,
the unforgettable fireworks,
the bonfire with blankies underneath the shooting stars.

let’s have a kiki,
I’ve got a husby!
our sitcom has only begun.

reid and jannell 3

whew! what a year it has been!

between working as a quasi-catering manager & event coordinator, planning basically 2 weddings of my own (we had a big fat chinese banquet too!), attending BOTH my sisters’ weddings, and moving out of toronto and into small town kitchener…2018 has been one for the books! I could not be more grateful for the family that we have and the friends who stick around to support us through it all.

but as the temperatures drop and the leaves change colour, I find myself with all the time and space in the world to focus on the path I want to take, to build the life I want to live. it’s been a lot of change and freedom to take in at once, with a lot of new adulting involved, but there’s no other option than to make the most of it.

new town.

new home.

new prospects in the contrastingly tiny but growing food market here in kitchener, ontario.

plus, an entirely new and strong sense of pride for what it means to be a young, female, asian, in the canadian food industry.

even though the bf is now a husband, My BF is GF is here to stay.

get ready for a lot more content cuz jlo’s about to hit the ground running!

stay tuned :)

- jannell lo