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Welcome Food Lovers!

My name is Jannell and I present to you My BF is GF, my best friend is gluten free - a gluten free food blog inspired by Asian classics and Canadian comfort foods.

This blog came about after meeting my husband Reid!

At the age of 4, Reid was diagnosed with Celiac and has been eating a gluten free diet ever since. With my Chinese background and his Canadian upbringing, our cooking became this unique mash up of our identities. We played, tested, and created food that embodied who we are, with recipes like our Sai Ua Falafels, a hybrid of the famous chickpea fritter with flavours from a Northern Thai sausage.

With just a couple of tweaks to your pantry and a bit of dedication too, gluten free cooking can be easy and approachable! My goal is to knock down the intimidation wall for gluten free home cooks and to share as much as I know about gluten free Asian cooking.

My BF is GF is dedicated to anyone who loves food and/or has faced the challenges of a strict gluten free diet in their lifetime.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

- Jannell Lo


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