6 Surprising Ingredients to Store in Your Freezer

how do I whip up asian food at home like it’s nobody’s business? the simple answer is, I keep most of my ingredients on hand (see my gf pantry for a list of refrigerated and shelf stable ingredients).

add a short trip to the market or butcher shop for just a few items, and bam! you’ve got a meal. it’s my favourite way to shop since I can pick out what looks fresh that day instead of working around an ingredient list, with produce that is out of season.

being a-z-n by blood and having more jungle asian* in me than I even knew (confirmed by 23andme), nothing gets me salivating like southeast asian flavours! *if you know, you know

and since I don’t live in a tropical climate where I can machete chop fresh lemongrass growing from the ground, freezing my precious imported ingredients is the best way to preserve them here in the true north strong and free.

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