Alton Toast (Avocado Sardine Toast)

alton toast (named for inimitable alton brown who created the original version of this recipe) is our go-to breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack when we need something filling and delicious that feels good. it's easy to throw together as long as you keep a couple cans of sardines on hand and have an avocado ripening at home, and it's packed with all the best kinds of fat from fish and avocados. as a bonus, because they're low on the food chain sardines are super sustainable, so you can chow down free from guilt. if you're unsure about canned fish, this recipe will make you a true believer and may even turn you (like us) into an obsessive canned sardine hunter whenever you visit a new grocery store! for the least fishy flavour, try to find small sardines like brislings.

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Caesar Dressing

This one needs no introduction, you've all had a caesar salad in your life. What makes this recipe special is that you no longer have to buy a prepackaged dressing from the store (even if you were buying the fancy one that's stored in the refrigerator). The only ingredient on this list that might be a little hard to track down is the anchovy. It's not usually stored with the sardines, but instead in the refrigerator near fresh fish. Once you've found the sardines, all that's left is to throw the ingredients together and blend!

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