Nuoc Cham

Gluten Free Nuoc Cham

ever wondered how to make that mysterious fish sauce dressing you get at vietnamese restaurants? the one that adds a little tang and life to your vermicelli bowl or fresh spring roll? this is it! nuoc cham is our go-to for livening up rice bowls, cold noodles, and even salads. of course, you can add adjust the level of chili to your liking. if you don't have bird's eyes on hand, you can substitute some sambal oelek for the garlic and chilies. 


5 parts warm water
3 parts lime juice
1 part sugar
1 part fish sauce
garlic and bird's eye chili to taste (for example, if each part above is 1 tbsp, use 1 garlic clove and about half of a bird's eye chili) or use sambal oelek


In a mason jar, stir sugar in warm water until dissolved. 

Combine the rest of the ingredients with the sugar water. 

Store in the fridge and use within 2 weeks. 

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