Gluten Free Map of Thailand

There is tons of great food to be found all over Thailand, though our travels brought us to the north so that's where our recommendations fall. In Chiang Mai, you'll be introduced to northern Thai food which is commonly not served at Thai restaurants in North America. With influences from Burma, this cuisine will trigger your nose buds with new spices and tickle your tongue with new flavours, all the while feeling very familiar. It's very delicious. For a brief rundown of Northern Thai food, check out Austin Bush's top ten dishes and this article he wrote.

Be careful of the soybean sauces often used to sauté vegetables though, they contain a ton of wheat flour - we saw one bottle that listed wheat as 22% of the ingredients! Just ask for garlic or ginger fried instead. 

If you're planning a trip to South East Asia and you're wondering about your gluten free options here in Thailand, we can help you out! This is by no means an extensive map, but we noted our favourites and added some recommended places found in our research. Most of the restaurants listed below serve Thai food.