gochujang gluten free my bf is gf


sunchang / chung jung one

Tasting Notes

spicy, peppery, sweet, salty, garlicky

Major Allergens



an essential ingredient for cooking korean food.

disclaimer: sunchang is made with brown rice and brown rice flour making it 100% wheat free. however, one of the last ingredients is ‘seed malt’, an umbrella term that could include barley. there may be trace amounts of gluten in this gochujang, but it’s so far down on the ingredient list. you’d have to make your own judgement since you know your body better than anyone else.

also, the allergen list on the label only mentions soy.

for those who need to be extra careful, chung jung one has a gochujang that is labeled gluten free. they still list seed malt as an ingredient.