Pickled Veg

Vietnamese Pickled Vegetables

This recipe works for pretty much any vegetable, though we're partial to pickling carrots, daikons and onions. It's an easy way to add a bit of tang and crunch to a meal and we end up going through a jar of pickled veg pretty well every week. Carrots seem to keep a bit better than daikons (which get a bit of a funky smell after a week or ten days) so we recommend pickling in separate jars/containers. The proportions of this recipe are more important than the precise measurements - I personally go with the rule "a bit of sugar, a bit more water and a bit more vinegar" but I've tried to translate that to real units.

If you're eating these the same day you're making them, you can up the vinegar proportions so that they get tart faster. If they're going to sit a few days first, decrease the vinegar slightly.


Vegetables of your choice, julienned
2 tbsp sugar
6 tbsp hot water
8 tbsp white vinegar


Put the sugar in a mason jar.

Add the hot water. Stir to dissolve.

Add the vinegar. Stir to combine.

Add the julienned vegetables. Refrigerate until serving. The pickles will keep at least a week and up to two or three weeks.

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